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Bollywood Journalist

By Swati Goel Sharma

He looked familiar, despite the sagging skin on his face. He was tall, well-built and alert, despite his old age. Though pensive, he looked livelier than the forlorn residents of the government-aided old-age home.

It was when it struck me that I had seen him on television!

The caretaker then told me his name. He is Satish Kaul, a once popular face on TV and perhaps the most popular Punjabi hero till date.

Satish Kaul is regarded as one of the most successful regional film actors of all time. Some people still refer him as the ‘Amitabh Bachchan of Punjabi cinema’.

It was certainly awkward to spot Kaul, dressed in a track suit, crouched on a worn-out sofa and watching television alone in the dark, gloomy, utterly silent common room of the old age home. On his lap was a box of cookies that contained no cookies…

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