On Mumbai-resident Pratik Hota, whose act went viral and invited him trouble

I woke up to the wonders of social media today.

Yesterday, two out of five posts on my Facebook wall showed a video of a boy mercilessly kicking a kitten like a football, out of fun. I showed the video to my colleagues. We all made faces, condemned the act, browed through the comments and left it at that.

A video grab of his act that went viral on Thursday

A video grab of his act that went viral on Thursday

By evening, the video had gone viral as a lot of people in office were talking about it. A colleague showed it to our editor as well, who laughed it away.

But today morning, the boy’s abhorrent act has made newspaper headlines! It turned out that he was traced, and angered animal activists in Mumbai had lodged a complaint against him.

The 16-second video, that has been taken off Youtube, showed a teenager, identified as Versova resident (Mumbai) Pratik Hota lifting a kitten and then kicking it into the air. Hota himself had uploaded his act on his Facebook wall. His Facebook page has been deleted too.

News coverage: http://www.mumbaimirror.com/mumbai/crime/Teen-booked-for-kicking-kitten-like-football-after-video-goes-viral/articleshow/26539521.cms


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