Seen a pet bat?

Have you seen something like this before? I never had.

I met this bird lover in my city today who has, of all beings, rescued a baby bat. He has been taking care of it for the past 20 days.

Vipan 1

Now, a bat is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when talking of pets. In fact, a lot of people are averse to this most prolific mammal on the planet.

Vipan Bhatia, the rescuer, says he found the baby bat lying snugly in his son’s trousers’ pocket one morning. “I have no prior experience of bats but decided that I could not let it die,” he told me. Just for added information, Vipan has rescued over 3000 birds so far. Pigeons, parrots, sparrows, kites and eagles, but never a bat.

With borrowed knowledge from friends and Discovery Channel, Bhatia has been taking care of the bat in his own way. Four times a day, the baby bat is fed a mixture of milk and water with a dropper and is kept in a spacious box, wrapped with a black cloth.

“I just know that it needs a dark environment, hence the arrangement,” he said, while showing me the baby bat placed on his finger.


The bird lover finds the baby bat “cute” and adds he doesn’t care about popular beliefs that petting a bat may be inauspicious. However, Vipan is sensitive to several health advisories for keeping a bat.

“I know it can infect people with rabies. But I have no time to search on the Internet for further information nor have I been able to find an expert who could guide me how to keep this,” he told me, adding that he is also waiting for information about the bat’s growth in the coming days.

So I am just going to browse a bit on the Internet for him and provide him the information he needs. 🙂


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